Other software vendors charge hefty upgrade fees for sporadic, major upgrades, providing no updates to existing software along the way. Intech has not and does not do that. The design of our programs guarantees you compatibility with future releases. Intech has a history of more than 20 years of continuous enhancement and evolution. Upgrades are issued yearly and Updates (which also include new features) are released more often. Your system will never be an orphan.

This is all offered through an Intech Service Level Agreement (ISLA). This is a comprehensive offering that facilitates the maximization of value for your software investment. With ISLA™ you have access to a software solution on premise, technical support and best practices including software updates and upgrades (no more costly upgrades). This includes all updates to your third party interfaces.

With ISLA™ all programs and county data reside on premise on the County server (Cloud Services are available). Information is confidential, available to those authorized, validated as genuine and always under the full control of the County. There is no need for a major capital expenditure on software. ISLA™ includes a software subscription, updates, upgrades and support services. Additional benefits include increased budget predictability and cost management.

Support Services

Intech’s software has been developed to be dependable as with all software, some issues occur at unexpected times. Intech provides quality help desk services with our live technical support team that is available 24 hours a day. With remote access, in the event that it’s necessary, we connect into your system and review what is going on. We are committed to resolving issues to your satisfaction and we will maintain contact with you until your issues are solved.