Project Management

Project Management is the direct path to success. Intech’s project management team has years of experience, specifically in public safety and court agencies of all sizes, all over the world.

Successful project management is not lots of meetings and project reports. Successful project management is;

  • Communication
  • A Solid Plan
  • Execution
  • Communication

We have implemented many projects over many years. Intech is with you from the opening kickoff meeting to being with you while you go live. Our team does not drop the ball after you go live, our customer support team will be with you day in day out. Our project manager manages not only the tasks we have to accomplish, but also identifies in detail the tasks and due dates. These tasks are tracked to their timely completion.


IWW Software is designed to be a product that is comprehensive in its features and highly configurable in its application. This means there is no expensive and time-consuming software customization required. Our software runs on Windows-based networks and our database is SQL Server. IWW Software can be On Premise or Cloud based.

Intech installations can be done quickly reducing the cost of an installation and gets you up and running in a few months rather than years.


Every one of our customers have the same IWW Software Solution (by Market). There are no “custom” versions, the customization comes through the intelligence designed into heart of the system and the ability to configure the system. Through our years of successful software development and implementation we have found that this design brings high reliability of our solutions and at the same time allowing us to provide regular product updates and upgrades to all our users so they do not have to go through costly upgrades.


Intech designs the training plan to the agency and user. Our training goals are:

  1. Provide all personnel with the knowledge necessary to become productive with the tools of Intech software.
  2. Ensure that training is keyed to the job responsibilities of trainees.

All of our training plans take into account the following:

  1. The Agency cannot shut down.
  2. The personnel have limited time available for training due to scheduling, overtime and operational considerations

As with any software product, comfort and competence only occur through repeated use. Intech provides a comprehensive “HANDS ON” training course designed to bring personnel to a level of understanding of software that will allow the user to begin operational use of the system. One of the keys of the Intech Software is the users’ ability to quickly grasp the essentials of system. Intech has refined the ease of use through over 20 years in the field and the consistency in its design.

All training is done on-site using experienced trainers – people who know the product inside out and the industry they are training.