Data Conversion

Most Agencies will likely want to carry over years of accumulated information into your new system this is where Intech’s data conversion services come into play. We have converted data from many other systems currently in use, including several old ones that haven't been available for years.

Data Conversion services are contracted as a part of the Implementation process. Several factors must be considered:

  1. The Intech Software system has one of the highest levels of Data Integrity in the industry. Avoiding the old saying “Garbage IN Garbage OUT”
    • Many older systems do not have high data integrity
  2. Intech Software utilizes the NIEM Data standards (National Information Exchange Model
    • Older systems typically do not follow these standards

The data conversion process:

  1. At the start we receive a copy of you database
  2. Intech analyzes the database structure and data integrity, and formalizes your input into the most effective conversion plan
  3. We review a copy of the converted data on your server, identify any discrepancies and correct them.