It's time to say goodbye to inflexible, outdated, costly Court Management Software, and start using a modern, affordable system designed specifically for Texas Courts. Bring the efficiencies of current technology to your court, and allow your staff to become case managers instead if paper-pushers.

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What makes our approach to Texas Courts different?

Intech draws from over 35 years experience in the Public Safety sector, including on-the-job law enforcement experience and the development of law enforcement technology solutions. Our simple, intuitive software integration allows TX DPS tickets to be imported directly into existing JP systems in ways that existing antiquated court software is unable to achieve.

Our team thoroughly evaluated the workflow, procedures and compliance requirements for Judges' offices, and designed a solution that combines automation, third party integration and a reduction in the use of paper. We consulted judges, clerks, court coordinators, auditors offices and IT offices to create a fully integrated Texas system.