Technology Planning

Our relationship is a long-term commitment, not a one-time acquisition. Where other companies may tell you to purchase certain hardware and software without an explanation, we'll let you know you why you need it today and how to plan for future needs.

With your future in mind, we develop a Technology Plan unique to your needs and designed to meet your current and long-term goals. We keep in mind the availability of staff, information needs, budget constraints, existing hardware & software and connectivity. Your Intech Technology Plan enables you to identify your current issues as well as plan for future needs.


Business Process Management

Proper planning is the key to an effective government information system project, but it requires communication and understanding. We find that by observing your staff, asking questions and understanding your daily routine we can help to streamline the Business Process.

A key factor in the process is not deciding to use computers to improve a business process but to understand the process that needs to be enhanced. This strategic rethinking of business processes aims to improve things like staff efficiency, compliance accuracy and service to the public. We work with you to define your internal workflow processes, identify your goals and operational requirements and design a way forward.