Intech Worldwide, LP (Intech) is an internationally recognized provider of Records Management, Intelligence and Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) Solutions to Courts, Sheriff's/Police, and other Government Offices. With both large and small installations worldwide and nearly 150 years of combined law enforcement experience in creating, supporting and upgrading each module of our software, Intech's customers receive expertise in implementing software solutions that have a proven record of improving work flow across organizations.


Intech President John Rich began his career in technology for Courts and Public Safety Agencies in 1986. A former police officer and department chief, Rich developed the first records management software to help manage his own on-the-job records. Since leaving the force, he has been involved in implementing technology in Courts and Public Safety agencies for almost 30 years.

Intech CEO Heidi Zikorus started her career in technology in 1986 as a forensic accountant in litigation support and hidden asset tracking. Zikorus has implemented various system conversions for major corporations and Public Safety organizations, moving data from either a paper-based system or antiquated computer system to one capable of a more robust use of technology. Her focus is on creating audit trails of data and bridging the communication gap between end-users and the developers to produce an advanced working solution.

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